3 tips for creating ‘wow’ factor podcast covers

Your podcast cover is the first thing that a potential subscriber will see, so it's essential that your artwork is perfect.

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April 17, 2019

The art you choose for your podcast cover needs to reflect your brand and lets listeners know what they can expect to hear.

With a mega amount of podcasts to choose from, standing out is key to gaining those subscriptions, but don't worry, that's nothing a little sprinkle of Over magic can't help you with!

Fun fact: according to podcast stats, podcast listeners are much more active on social media channels. So if you get those fans, they might just promote your podcast for you. YAY.

Let’s begin!

First things first, start your design by selecting the square shape. Then you can play around with…

1. Typography

Experiment with the scale of your fonts to make your title look interesting and to put emphasis on specific words. You can also go for strong, geometric typefaces to make your title easy to read.

2. Illustration

Pay a visit to the graphics library in our app to choose an illustration that clearly shows what your podcast is all about. Make sure you still have the podcast title on your artwork, but make it smaller, so it doesn’t overpower your illustration.

3. Photos

If your team or host is an important part of the podcast, highlight this with a beautiful picture. Add your title so that it's clear and easy to read, but let your photo take center stage on this one.

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