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4 Steps to a logo you’ll love

There’s no need to fork out cash to a designer for a logo when you’ve got Over.

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There’s no need to fork out cash for a logo when you’ve got Over. You can make one yourself! Just follow the steps below, and you’ll have a logo that’s perfect for your brand.

1. Choose your style

Modern, rustic, feminine, organic, geometric - we could go on. There’s a lot to choose from. Remember though, it’s not only about what you prefer, but rather what suits your brand’s purpose. Even if you personally prefer a rustic look, it may not be the right pick for your fitness blog, for example.

2. Select a logo from our customizable templates

Take your cues from the style you chose above.

3. Replace the text with your own brand name

4. Change out the colors or graphics

If your brand has a color palette, you can use it as a basis for your logo’s look. Think another graphic might be a better fit? Swap it out.

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