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A week of content ideas, ready to roll.

No new products to promote? A stream of always-on content is vital to keep your brand top of mind in the long game.

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August 8, 2019

No new products to promote? World Bacon Day not doing it for you? Campaign ideas are ace for your biz short term, but a stream of always-on content is vital to keep your brand top of mind in the long game.

So… we’ve put together a full week of simple, everyday content faves. You can easily slot these straight in to your content plan to help keep your followers following!

1. Motivational Monday

It’s back on the grind for many, so try something inspiring to connect, such as a well-selected quote, project update or milestone.

2. BTS Tuesday

Share behind-the-scenes pics or videos of your workplace, work mates or daily routine to show another side to your business and build trust.

3. Hump Day How-To

Your service and products are no doubt awesome, but you can add even more value through useful advice. Brand-loyalty gold!

4. Throwback Thursday

#TBT, is one of the most-used tags on Insta. Posting an old pic or vid of your biz, yourself, or employees, is another great way to personally connect.

5. Frequently Asked Friday

If your site has FAQs, consider their usefulness, and pick a good one each week to highlight and answer.

6. Saturday Stats

Share an attention-grabbing statistic or fact that’s relevant to your business or industry.

7. Sunday Fun Day

Keep the mood light before the working week. Memes, playlists, jokes (appropriate ones) – it’s all good.

3 bonus ideas

• Share someone else’s great content – eg. a partner or valued customer.

• Create a simple poll on Facebook or Twitter. Easy engagement.

• Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Twitter session. Hello buzz!

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