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Add some sparkle to your life with the glitter aesthetic

Glitter and sparkles are hallmarks of the 90s pop aesthetic, and they're back with a surreal twist. Get this on-trend look easily with Over.

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June 15, 2020

Judging by our Instagram feed of late, the sparkly aesthetic is in the midst of a massive revival. The glittery shimmer that dominated lip gloss, Jelly Baby sandals, and Posh Spice’s dresses throughout the naughty nineties, is back on heavy rotation.

The nostalgia is strong with this look. We love it because it reminds us of the good ol’ days when the hardest part of your week was memorising TLC lyrics, and handwriting a love letter to your crush.

Images by Eric Yi

Kitsch? Maybe.

Boujee? Perhaps.

So hot right now…? Absolutely.

We’re loving the subtle ways artists and creatives are incorporating the glittery aesthetic into their designs. Unlike the excess of the 90s, where the sparkles were laid on thick and heavy as Buffalo boots, the application is a little more restrained and interesting in its 2020’s version.

Images by Yana Potter

It’s often used as an unlikely, surreal texture in a landscape. More often than not, the sparkles exist as a kind of psychedelic window in an otherwise realistic scene – almost as if a portal to a magical galaxy was suddenly opened up.

Images by Eric Yi

Seeing as we're always exploring new ways to unlock creativity with Over, we thought we’d take a crack at making our own 'sparklescapes'. Here are some of the the glitzy results:

Some of our experiments with sparkle, glitter, and bokeh graphics.

We have loads of graphics in Over to get you on track with the glitter aesthetic. Try searching for 'glitter', 'sparkle', or 'bokeh' in our graphics collections. We've even created a brand new pack to perfectly pair with your sparkly experiments. Look out for ‘Sparkle Flares by Storme Conradie’ in the app.

The all-new ‘Sparkle Flares' graphic collection by Storme Conradie.

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