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June 11, 2019

All aboard the Instagram sticker trend!

Stop what you're doing. There's a new Instagram trend that's going to be bigger than unicorns (ahem, probably.)

Let us introduce you to the world of Instagram overlay stickers. They're massively popular, seriously fun, and guaranteed to make your brand stand out.

So what are they exactly?

In a nutshell, they’re graphics you add to images to bring a pop of personality to your Instagram feed or Instagram Stories.

The best part is, creating stickers to match your Instagram aesthetic is a breeze with our help!

Just explore our vast library of graphics, and once you’ve found the ones you love, change the colors, duplicate, resize, mask, or tweak the opacity to create your own bespoke stickers.

Looking for some sticker inspo?

Fun and cute

Go for stars, hearts, rainbows and doodles to jazz up your story.

Try these stickers in the Over app

Abstract and colorful

Use paint swashes and abstract shapes to create stickers with impact.

Try these stickers in the Over app

Bold and beautiful

Have fun with our rainbow pride graphics and our gold graphics to create something special.

Try these stickers in the Over app

Remember: design your stickers on a transparent background and save them as a PNG on your camera roll, or add it to the logo section for quick and easy access when you want to add stickers to your stories.

What about JPEG’s?

These bad boys are ideal for the web. Social content, email, blog or banner; if it’s going online then it’s a safe bet to save it as a JPEG. The reason being that these files can be compressed to a small size for a quick share or download. Some of the image quality may get lost in the compression, but for web images this is usually okay.  

And then we have PDF’s

These are for when you’re ready to print. Most printers will ask for you to send your design as a PDF file as it is a universal standard. This is because PDF’s are the safest bet for keeping all your design components intact and avoiding any unwelcome surprises when transposing your design from a digital file to a tangible object.

And that’s it! There are more image file formats out there, but for the best of us who create and share awesome designs with Over, the above is all we need to know.

Good News: We recently released a new ‘Export Preview’ feature so now you can view your image in a specific format to make sure that it is right before exporting.

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