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Be Bold with Supersized Type

Gigantic, bold text for impactful design is our latest obsession, transforming words into graphics. And it's super easy to do in Over.

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August 3, 2020

We’re always shouting from the rooftops about the thousands of graphics and images in Over that let you create eye-catching designs. But sometimes you don’t need graphics, or any pictures at all, to make an impact. All you need is a word or two.

Of course, if you’re opting for this bold, minimalist route, and you want to make sure your designs are unmissable, you really need to supersize your typography – let it take over the entire page, ideally.

It’s been a huge trend this year, and we’ve been noticing this idea presenting in some fantastic new work. We’re hugely inspired by this simple creative idea. One designer in particular, who executes supersized typography with the perfect balance of play and control, is Julien Hébert. In his ATypl poster series, we can see how words transcend their role in messaging, and become a graphic pattern. It’s delicious design, albeit simply the same solid-black word, on a solid-color background. Some secondary text interacts with the main copy, cleverly adding a sense of depth and intrigue to a very flat, clean design.

ATypl poster series by Julien Hébert

The letters of the alphabet – no matter what language – are all in fact little graphic patterns. As they enlarge on the page, we start to notice this wonderful detail. A word we might have skimmed over in less than a second, becomes an object of fascination when it’s larger than life.

In Over, you can resize fonts with a simple pinch – there’s no limit on scale. You could fill an entire canvas with the dot of a lower case j, if you so desired. This makes it really easy, and really fun, to play around with supersizing words and phrases. We’ve played around with some variations on this theme.

Don’t forget that all of these templates are available for you to edit, and make your own, in Over.

The most basic is to size up a single word right up to the edges of your canvas, filling the entire frame.

You could also break up a single word – either into evenly spaced clusters of letters, or more randomly, by giving each letter its own size and position on the canvas. The latter option creates a captivating dance of typography in your design.

You could also supersize a phrase or short sentence, and let the repetition of big, bold letters create a graphic a pattern. Play around with leading (the spacing between lines) and kerning (the spacing between letters) to modify your end result, or use an Italic variation to create an angular pattern.

Try out Over for free right now, and choose from 300+ fonts to level up your brand’s typography game.

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