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Black Friday Basics Part Three: Keep Them Engaged

Tips to keep your customers engaged with stand out social media content after your Black Friday sale ends.

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November 23, 2020

You did it! The craziness of Black Friday & Cyber Monday is over for another year, and you can (kinda) relax. But before you put your feet up, take a little extra time to ride the momentum built up during the sale, and set yourself up for success going forward.

Our top three tips for post–sale engagement:

Psst: If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to put out a quick post thanking everyone who supported you during the sale. Every like, share, tag, and purchase matters!

  1. Ask for reviews & referrals

Ah yes, the other R&R. Reviews are SO important these days, with around 95% of buyers reading reviews before making a purchase. Ask all buyers to review their purchase, and let their friends know about your business! Buyer behavior is shifting in favor of supporting small business, so put yourself out there.

Nervous about making the ask? Understandable, but don’t be shy! The majority of product reviews come from emails urging buyers to review their purchases.

Hot tip: sweeten the deal with a small monthly giveaway entry for everyone who leaves a review!

  1. Share unboxing videos

From unboxing to haul show–offs, shopping vicariously through others is officially A Thing. If you’re new to this world, a quick glance under the hashtag #unboxing and the niche haul hashtags (try #makeuphaul and #bookhaul) should show you what it’s all about. We should warn you though — it’s a rabbit hole.

How to work it: Leverage the insanely addictive power of these videos and invite your followers to tag you in their own unboxing or BFCM hauls! Then share them on your feed. User generated content (UGC) for the win.

  1. Capture the snoozers

When the sales are done and dusted, there’s always a few who’ve slept on it, and ultimately missed out. Waah! Nudge them to sign up for your mailing list now. Then, they’ll be first in line next time you run an amazing promo! Win-win.

Hot tip: For the love of everything good, keep promoting yourself throughout the year — not just at sale time!

A good rule of thumb? For every promotional post you do, post 2 brand building (behind the scenes, about you, etc) posts, and 3 value adding (tips, hints, advice) posts.

Time to reflect

So, how’d it go?

If this is your first rodeo, it’s a good idea to look at your analytics, post sale, so you can establish a baseline to work off in the future. If you’re a seasoned pro, compare this year with the previous years and note any changes or significant numbers. Note your social activity, any ads you ran, and put together a mini report.

It’s like a business love letter. To you, from you. Mwah.

That’s it from us! Elbow bumps and virtual high fives for your best BFCM ever.

Until next year…

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