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Collecting Textures

Textures are all around you. With Over, you can blend them into your designs to create the on-trend 'Analogue Texture' look.

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April 20, 2020

Looking for a brilliant photo blender app? Once you know how the Blend Tool works in Over, your eyes will open up to the possibility of adding realistic textures to your photos and designs. And once that happens, you’ll realise very quickly that textures are all around us.

In our 2020 Trends Report earlier this year, we pointed to 'Analogue Texture' as a hugely popular aesthetic. Emulating the look of old film photographs, glued posters, crumpled paper, rust and dust, this picture editing approach works really well to create an old school, retro feeling – harking back to pre-digital times. But blending texture into digital images also just adds some grit, realness, and visual intrigue to your design.

Over has hundreds of textures in our graphics library, ranging from specific applications like film grain and light leaks, to abstract patterns, gradients, and digital glitches. Using the Blend Tool as a picture editor, you can effectively combine these graphics with any image by selecting the right mode, and then modulating the strength of the effect: it can either be subtle, or very pronounced.

You don’t have to use predefined graphics though. Any photograph of a real texture can be used as a texture layer in the exact same way: a brick wall, asphalt, beach sand, cement, bark, TV static, crumpled plastic… there are literally textures all around you, all the time. Bear this in mind the next time you see an interesting old wall, ripples on the water, or some rusted metal. Take a close-up snap, and save it in a folder on your camera roll for future image edits.

Collect textures with your mobile phone

An even easier way to try this out is to search the Unsplash image library in Over. Here you’ll find hi-res images of pretty much any texture you can imagine. To streamline your searching, we’ve curated a selection of beautiful textures that we think would work really well for any picture editing, blended into your images.

Textures mages from our curated gallery on Unsplash

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