Content of the Week
June 6, 2019

Color palettes for sun-seekers.

Ready to bid farewell to the dark hues of winter and shimmy into color? We sure are!

Like ice cream on a hot day, summer color palettes are something to get excited about.

We've taken inspiration from beautiful summer destinations, where the landscapes make for color eye-candy.

Embrace these summer-ready palettes to:

  • Add seasonal definition to your social channels
  • Engage with your audience
  • Make your brand image pop

Grab your shades we're off to...

  1. Santorini
Use the Santorini template in the Over app
  1. Provence
Use the Provence template in the Over app
  1. Rio
Use the Rio template in the Over app

  1. Praiano
Use the Praiano template in the Over app

And then we have PDF’s

These are for when you’re ready to print. Most printers will ask for you to send your design as a PDF file as it is a universal standard. This is because PDF’s are the safest bet for keeping all your design components intact and avoiding any unwelcome surprises when transposing your design from a digital file to a tangible object.

And that’s it! There are more image file formats out there, but for the best of us who create and share awesome designs with Over, the above is all we need to know.

Good News: We recently released a new ‘Export Preview’ feature so now you can view your image in a specific format to make sure that it is right before exporting.

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