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Create beautiful stories in half the time with PAGES

Long story short: Our new PAGES feature makes it easy to design punchy and consistent stories, fast.

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June 22, 2020

Great brands tell great stories. But great stories are hard to tell! That’s why we created PAGES. Now you can create impactful stories and full campaigns effortlessly with Over.

The new PAGES feature lets you design multiple pages in one project. This means that you can create visually consistent stories even quicker than before. Whether it’s a campaign, an event teaser, a presentation, or a carousel post; PAGES is designed to help your business grow faster.

Pages in Over is the feature I never knew I needed! Now I can create consistent stories and designs so much quicker.”

The nuts & bolts of PAGES

Any format in a flash

Create stories, carousels, PNG and PDF’s fast

Add video, photos, graphics galore

Tell your story with video, photos, typography, graphics and more

Design consistency is easy peasy

Create with consistent colors and assets across all your designs

Speedy templates (will change your life)

Customize stylish and industry-specific templates in seconds

Save time, save money

Save all your designs in one go

Start creating now

Download the latest version of Over and start designing on the double, with PAGES.

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