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Curation Weekly: Stickers add delight to your designs

We're loving the clean, colorful, and creative use of stickers for playful brand campaigns. So of course we had to try it out in Over...

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June 23, 2020

Digital stickers are a brilliant ‘two-for-one’ creative strategy. First off, they’re a clever device to add information to your design – the price, dates, percentage off in a sales promo, special product feature, guest speaker, etc.  They can also double up as interesting visual elements to add color, energy, and delight to your composition. It doesn’t hurt that they’re bang on-trend right now, either.

Slick, minimalist sticker designs by Meg Lewis

In fact, we’re seeing plenty brands using the sticker aesthetic to define their brand identity: using stickers as the main event, and not just little add-ons. Clusters of overlapping, colorful shapes with tidbits of text create a sense of spontaneity. Using stickers to convey a message opens you up to a looser design aesthetic. Words and phrases don’t have to align perfectly. They can dance across the page in a more playful way, in different fonts, colors, and sizes.

Beautiful, modern branding for P.Y.E Optics, by Facultative Works

With the right complementary colors in your palette, this approach can look amazing, and radiate positive vibes. Stickers don’t only have to be a call-to-action at all. They can contain little messages of hope, inspiration, or support – which we’re seeing pop up more and more in a time of growing solidarity.

Stickers made with Over. Perfect for promos, or spreading good vibes.
You can easily make animated sticker GIFs in Over.

We’ve already had a look at grunge stickers, as part of a bigger overarching design trend towards analogue textures. These realistic, faded and peeling stickers are perfect for scuffing up your design; adding some old-school grit to the digital precision. For brand leaning towards street fashion, or rock and roll in its myriad forms, this is definitely for you.

'Grunge Sticker' graphic packs available in Over.

But if your brand is more modern, minimal, bold, or playful, you’ll need something a little cleaner – or perhaps packing some pop. You’ll need: Slick Stickers. Because the look and feel is very minimal and flat, they’re easy to make yourself with our Shape tool.

Pick a shape and modify it, give it a tangy color, and slap on some text in a complementary hue. A simple graphic could also be a good idea.The fun part is playing around with the composition – shifting layers around so they overlap each other in subtle ways, to add some sense of depth.

You can find this exact template in Over, and customize it for your brand.
This could be a great template to use for an environmental awareness campaign.

A little trick you’ll need to know when placing words on round shapes, is how to curve your text. You’ll find the Curve slider within the Style tab, when editing text. You can adjust it in real time to either gently curve, or even completely wrap itself into a circle.

Try using the slick sticker aesthetic to promote your next event.

Of course, stickers don’t need to contain any words at all. They can be pure graphics, conveying a mood more than a message. Going this route definitely adds a shot of personality and positivity into your design. They’re also hugely popular in Instagram Stories, layered on photographic images of you living your best life in a beautiful digital scrapbook.

Sticker graphics can add visual interest to almost any design

The options are endless.

Dive in to Over today, and try slick stickers to get your brand noticed out there in the sea of sameness.

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