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Cut through with the sliced effect

Let’s say you want to take an image in a cutting-edge direction, but aren’t sure how.

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June 21, 2019

The ‘sliced effect’ is just the attention-grabbing style your posts need, and design ninja skills are not required.

One way to think of this style is to imagine using a craft knife on a photo to make and arrange shapes in cool, abstract ways.

Chop tip: The easiest way to get slicing from scratch is with your old pal, the Crop tool. Crop your image into vertical or horizontal sections, saving each shape, then arrange to suit.

If that sounds like totes too much work, don’t worry, we’ve done all the slicing and dicing for you with these creative ideas and uses!

Direct the eye

Image slicing can draw attention to specifics, such as beauty or fashion features and accessories.

Create movement

Angled slices give a sense of motion, suiting action themes, such as sports, fitness, and dance.

Make themed shapes

Look for opportunities to arrange sliced images in shapes that suit your theme or brand. Super effective!

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