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Dial up the fun with old-school UI designs

Retro user-interface (UI) designs from the early days of the interwebs. Trends come, go, and can rise from the dead.

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Trends come, go, and can rise from the dead like a double-denim-wearing zombie. So, what’s trending at Over? Retro user-interface (UI) designs from the early days of the interwebs, that’s what!

Sounds niche? Actually, it’s popping up everywhere, with nostalgic, artsy, and fashion-conscious websites mimicking the days of dial-up modems and endearingly clunky graphics (cue Windows '95 startup chime).

Paired with glowing neon grids, glitches, and classical Roman busts, this outmoded look and feel forms the foundation of the so-hot-right-now Vaporwave aesthetic. Or toss it into the mix with some pixelated pictures and bold geometric patterns for a Brutalist look and feel.

We reckon the Retro UI style is awesome for:

  • tapping into the current cultural revival for all things ’90s
  • fashion, art, music, or lifestyle brands that want to stand out
  • bloggers in the realm of contemporary popular culture

So, hit pause on that Friends episode, and take a minute to check out the templates we’ve made using our new Retro UI graphic pack and layout collection.

Downloaded enough inspiration? Check out our fresh Retro UI layouts collection, to give your brand, blog, event, or campaign a full make-over. Over Layouts is a super easy way to create a full set of social media posts across multiple platforms, stylishly and cohesively.

We've also created a brand new graphic pack filled with all the elements you'll need to dive headfirst into this aesthetic. Boom!

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