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It's here: the February 2019 Marketing Calendar

The February 2019 marketing calendar lists the most important dates for the month to help plan your social media content in advance.

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February 1, 2019

You’ve made it through January, (yay!) now it’s time to give your social media feeds some love.

Not sure where to begin? No fear friends, we’ve got two easy ways for you to master your February content like a boss.

1. A calendar to help you plan ahead.

2. The templates you can use for each holiday.

All you’ll need to do is edit, save, and post. Magic.

From Valentine's Day to the Academy Awards and more, there are plenty of holidays to inspire your content this month.

Save this calendar to your mobile, tablet or PC/Mac for quick and easy access!

A marketing calendar is about so much more than just remembering important dates. It can also serve as a planning tool, and a record of the activities you took on in any given month. This allows you to track your successful campaigns, and more importantly, the not so successful campaigns, so you can better plan your content strategy going forward.

It can also provide valuable insights into what your followers do and don't like.

For example, if you had a Valentine's Day promotion fall flat, you can try a different promotion technique the following year. Or perhaps choose to focus your efforts on a day that more closely aligns with the needs and wants of your followers.

We're loving these template ideas for:

Super Bowl Sunday

The Grammy Awards

and Chinese New Year. Like what you see? Download Over now (click the link at the bottom of the screen) and create stunning designs in a snap.

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