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February 1, 2019

Get double takes with double exposure

If you’ve come across the double exposure look and thought “wow, I could never make that”, you’d be wrong.

If you’ve come across the double exposure look – where two or more images are blended together – and thought “wow, I could never make that”, you’d be wrong.

This surreal and dreamlike effect can be achieved in just a few taps, with our favorite tool of all time – the blend tool (shh, don’t tell the other tools).

But before we get there, here are some expert tips and tricks.

Use it for:

  • One-off social media campaigns
  • Event posters, covers, invites, and posts
  • Album covers
  • Book covers

Get it right by:

  • Using a light and dark image.
  • Using contrasting detail e.g. a simple portrait with a busy landscape.
  • Using the mask tool to erase areas of one image (if you’re feeling brave).
  • Using the Screen blend mode for the top image layer – this will blend the images together.
  • Playing with Opacity to create your desired effect.

Try it yourself

Step 1. Add your base image.

Step 2. Add your filler image.

Step 3. Tap your filler image, tap Edit, scroll to Blend, then select Screen.

Step 4. Play with the Opacity until you reach your desired look.

And then we have PDF’s

These are for when you’re ready to print. Most printers will ask for you to send your design as a PDF file as it is a universal standard. This is because PDF’s are the safest bet for keeping all your design components intact and avoiding any unwelcome surprises when transposing your design from a digital file to a tangible object.

And that’s it! There are more image file formats out there, but for the best of us who create and share awesome designs with Over, the above is all we need to know.

Good News: We recently released a new ‘Export Preview’ feature so now you can view your image in a specific format to make sure that it is right before exporting.

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