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April 17, 2020

Over the past year or so (probably longer, time is confusing these days) we’ve been busy working behind the scenes on Over for Web. We’ve been running a closed beta for a while now, ironing out some kinks, and we were getting ready to launch our open beta in the next couple of months. Then COVID–19 happened...

COVID-19 graphic pack by Emma Philip – one of many new collections on Over Web

It’s a challenging time to launch a new product. But we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge.

The impact the Coronavirus is having on the business community is unprecedented. Bricks and mortar stores are pivoting to digital services and products, and businesses of all sizes are forced to find new ways of working and communicating. Often, they’re doing this without any help or guidance, and on very urgent timelines.

It’s likely that you’re trying to adjust to this new normal too. New opening hours, delivery schedules, hygiene practices, software, payment systems – the list goes on. You might also have kids at home, or a dog that’s suddenly super confused with your sudden unending presence.

To help navigate the uncertainty, we put together a response team to bring you the tools, information, and content you need to communicate clearly and effectively to your customers and clients. We’ve also put together a series of templates and graphics specifically for responding to, and engaging with, the current crisis.

Some of the new templates we have to help you respond to, and engage with, the current crisis.

Beyond all this, the overwhelming feeling from our team was that we wanted to do something more to help. Creators gotta create, and more importantly, small businesses need all the help they can get to make an impact online, get their message out there, and keep sharing their awesomeness with the world, despite these challenging times.

That’s why, in response to the COVID–19 crisis, we’re bringing our open beta of Over Web forward to right now.

Over Web is now live
Over looks even better on the big screen

So, for all our amazing users who’ve been asking for Over on desktop?

Here you go.

Take control of your designs, right now, from anywhere.

The Fine Print:

This is a beta product. There will be bugs (hopefully not many, so please don’t throw things at us). Certain tools and functionality like project sync aren’t yet available – so any projects you create on web will only be accessible on web (for now). You’ll need an Over account to get started. Also, we love you.

Start designing now!

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