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Get stuck in with the glued-up poster aesthetic

Even though most events are happening online these days – or maybe because of it – the old school poster aesthetic is hotter than ever.

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May 22, 2020

The good old glued-up-on-the-wall look harks back to the not so distant past, when promoting your event meant hitting the streets with a backpack stuffed with rolled up posters, and an afternoon spent smearing ‘em up on alleyway walls with wheat paste. Hard, sticky work.

You don’t need to get glue all over you to make a poster and promote your event in the age of social media. But there’s something so appealing about this retro look. The imperfect surface texture, with air bubbles and folds, has a sense of authenticity: the work of human hands in a hurry.

When the future is as unclear as it’s ever been, evoking the past can be a good idea. Nostalgia is a refuge from uncertainty. “Don't it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone?” as Joni Mitchell pointed out.

Folk music philosophy aside, this poster aesthetic just looks SO good with bold, graphic poster designs. It takes your artwork to another level, especially if your brand is infused with the spirit of the street. There’s no doubt it’ll catch the eye’s attention in a stream of clean, digital design. Folks will notice the analogue aesthetic instinctively.

Using design to your advantage – that’s what we’re all about.

Getting this look is super easy in Over. Once you have your poster design ready, simply search for ‘glue’ or  ‘glue poster’ in our Graphics library to select a graphic overlay. When it opens in your design, stretch it to fill the canvas, and then scroll to the Blend tool. Select ‘Multiply’ for the most realistic effect. 

Boom. You’re done. It’s almost too easy (but nobody needs to know that).

Try it out in Over today. You’ll be surprised at how much fun poster making can be when it’s this easy.

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