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How a one-woman design biz rocks it with Over

Super-talented Stephanie Sacks, owner of Grandview Collective, uses Over in a mind-blowing way.

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September 3, 2019

One thing that never fails to blow our minds is how the app is put to use by awesome creative types. Super-talented Stephanie Sacks, owner of digital studio Grandview Collective, is one such person!

Stephanie runs her SOHO (small office, home office) biz by a San Diego beach. Living. The. Dream. And Over plays a big part in making that happen.

‘It’s by far my favorite app,’ she tells us. ‘I’ve been using it for nine months and it’s really helped me grow my business and social following. It’s such a handy tool to have in my pocket whenever I get a spark of creativity.’

As for some ace ways Stephanie uses Over, she’s more than happy to talk us through them…

Mood boards

‘When I start a job, l look for visual inspiration in a client’s goals, competitors and customers. I’ll then create a mood board in Over to share with the client. This really helps ideas flow!’


‘I also use Over to create mock-ups so clients can see my work in real-world context. In this one, I uploaded a logo to the app as a PNG file, chose an image, then used the Blend tool on the bag and mug for a screen-printed effect.’

Labels, business cards & tags

‘I love how easy it is to search and find incredible graphics and fonts in the app, like the ones I used for the label and business cards below.’

One more thing Stephanie’s favorite Over feature is?

‘The ability to upload your own fonts! Working with various businesses and brands, it’s important to keep everything cohesive.’

Wanna see more of Stephanie’s work? Check out her Instagram account: @grandviewcollective, and website: grandviewcollective.com

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