Less is more with white space

A good design is complicated. Or is it? The principle of white space throws this misconception right out the window.

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A good design is complicated. Or is it? The principle of white space or negative space (same thing) throws this misconception right out the window.

Here’s how white space can help boost the impact of your designs with the power of ‘less is more’.

White space is the ‘air’ between the elements of your design, a kind of breathing room on your canvas. It doesn’t have to be white, it’s simply the area on your design that is free from text, images, or graphics.

White space is your friend because…

- It allows the eye to focus on what is important quickly

- It creates a positive viewer experience

- It leads the eye across or down a layout, linking elements, and telling a story.

- It adds style and elegance

Check out the steps below to see how to enhance your designs with white space.

Here’s a great ‘before and after’ example, followed by some beautiful templates to illustrate the power of white space design…

See how the increased white space in image 2 gives the entire design more breathing room?

The white space around the image and text in the above image draws the eyes to a center focal point, emphasizing the key message and creating a mood.

The positioning of the introduction, copy and image in lots of white space causes the eye to read the above like a book: From top to bottom, left to right.

See how small the logo is in this last image? Surrounded by ample white space, the viewer still sees it, and remembers it.

No sorcery required here, just a bit of know-how and abracadabra! You’ll be makin’ magic with white space before you know it.

Top Tip: Keep in mind that typography, branding (logos), and imagery are core elements that influence white space.

Have fun 🙂

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