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Master minimalism in three simple steps

To cut through to your audience, sometimes you’ve gotta use less to do so much more!

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August 23, 2019

Over’s a magic bag of tricks, and there’s temptation to go wild and pull out as many as possible. But, to cut through to your audience, sometimes you’ve gotta use less to do more.

We’ll keep this short and sweet, then! Here are three easy ways to achieve a striking, minimalistic style using your favorite app. (That’s us, right?)

Text simplicity

Found a beautiful, uncluttered image in the app? Good start! The more negative space the better – vast expanses of sky or sea, for example – to ensure your copy is the centre of attention, and not competing with complex visuals. As for text, think clean, thin, serif fonts, and simple sans-serif options. Keep your phrases short and your sizing modest, but legible, and space widely to let the image show through and the letters breathe.

Tip: Adjust text spacing in a flash with our sliding scale. Tap your text, hit Edit, Style, then Space. Boom! (Oh, and to revert to original spacing, just double-tap on the Space scale.)

Creative placement

Finding a relationship between images and text is match-making heaven. Subtle, clever creativity with your text placement draws the eye and makes you really ponder the message.

Tip: Try masking your text behind a feature in your image. Easy as, with a bit of practice! Here’s how.

Small, consistent palette  

Stick to a tight palette, and, if you’re building a body of work, go for consistency in your designs with recurring heroes (eg. earthy oranges and cool teals). A desaturated look, too, can give images a moody, dreamlike feel that adds to the minimalistic feel.

Tip: Mute colors simply with a Filter preset. Or, play around with Saturation, Warmth and Tint till you get the cool (or warm), toning you’re after.

Recap: why minimalism?

• Decluttered design can have a soothing visual appeal.

• It helps to draw focus to your subject, and give your message impact.

• It aids consistency, making it great for brands and portfolios.

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