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Meet Over artist Emma Philip

You know those cool graphics and templates in the app? They appear by magic. The magic largely created by our community of freelance artists

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June 14, 2019

We’d really love you to know how awesome these artists are, so let’s start with the talented Emma Philip.

Here’s a bio in one sentence (inhales)…

Emma is from South African village McGregor, was Steiner schooled in Cape Town, is 27, and swapping a 9-5 job for globe-trotting illustration work was her best decision yet. (Exhales.)

Why we dig Emma’s work

• Her graphics are quirky, relatable, and often inspiring.

• Her style is clean, simple, and colorful.

• A ton of heart shows in her human illustrations.

Fun facts

• Some of Emma’s best friends growing up were pigs, ducks, dogs, and a parrot.

• She takes remote working to heart, travelling all over the world, designing on the go.

• She still watches Gilmore Girls!

Here are some ace examples of Emma's work. (And type ‘Emma Philip’ in the Graphics and Templates tabs for more.)




Emma’s top Over tip

‘When stuck on a design, duplicate it by holding down its thumbnail in Projects. You can then go in a different direction, or go back to older versions.’

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