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​​My Pride. My Story.

​​Pride month means something different to everyone in the LGTBQ+ community. What does Pride mean to you?

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June 9, 2020

2020 has been one helluva year.

​​Traditional celebrations for Pride month are paused for now, but nothing will stop the love, self-affirmation, and demand for freedom that drives this movement. There are many ways you can show solidarity, give thanks, and share your stories to celebrate what Pride means to you

​​We reached out to some of our super users to learn about what Pride means to them.


​​For Andreas, Pride opens the door to talk about the struggles that LGBTQ+ people have gone through.  “I spent my entire childhood not being myself. But I’m no longer afraid to be who I am, no longer afraid to openly show who I am and what I stand for, or who I love.”

Going by your daily business, walking down a road, approaching your front door, visiting a foreign country, and being at risk of violation because of your sexual orientation, gender or race… Well, it seriously sucks, to be blunt. It holds you back. And it hurts.


​​Movements like Pride and Black Lives Matter challenge discriminatory beliefs that thwart diversity efforts and rob people of their freedom. They demand that some people in the world have a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, and stop their sh*t.

​​For Nathan Dang, “Pride means that I’m living for myself at the fullest, and with my mask off. Not having to look over my shoulder in fear, and being able to do what I love fearlessly.”


​​Togetherness makes the world go round people. Damnit if you don’t have someone to cuddle, then please get a kitten to snuggle into your body crevices and melt your heart. We are nothing without each other.


​​“Being a part of the LGBTQ community has shaped my journey, “ says Shabazz, a digital artist. “Shows like POSE give me the passion & comfort I deserve as a Gay Black artist. I’m growing and learning constantly along side my LGBTQ brothers & sisters.”

​​For Nathan, feeling supported by the LGBTQ+ community has helped him find his voice.


​​“I’ve learned to be able to call out the wrong now & not stay silent on important issues. I’ve learned to live boldly and be smart with every choice I make. I was tired of being in the shadow, and letting everything wrong slide. It was time to use my voice and take a stance.”


​​The traditional rainbow-themed Pride festivals full of music, arts and culture are not happening right now. It’s a pity, we know. But a shindig in the lounge might do the job? A raucous soiree with a few friends? Those visor masks would make for a pretty cool space party #justsaying.

​​Fortunately, the empowering spirit of Pride can also be manifested in many other fine and dandy ways. Reach out to friends who you wish you were with. Support small businesses who you admire. Or send gratitude cards to those who have made you feel safe and backed.


​​“This year,  I’ve been supporting and donating to causes such as the Trevor Project, It Gets Better Project, & GLAAD” says Nathan.

“I am celebrating Pride this year by educating myself on the LGBTQ brothers & sisters that came before me, and sharing artwork that will educate my followers on LGBTQ culture,” says Shabazz.

We want to wish the LGTBQ+ community a joyous Pride month. It’s a big world. Maybe, just maybe, we’re big enough to learn about tolerance together. Maybe compassion really can soften us, and wake us up. Maybe it’s happening right now, before our eyes. Let’s carry on...

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