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June 28, 2019

Share the love with the Beth Ellen font

In honor of his late mother, designer Rob Jelinski created the Beth Ellen font based on her handwriting

At Over HQ, we feel so blessed to have such a wildly talented community. People who find beauty in the darkness, and inspire the world by sharing their own unique story.  

That's exactly what Over Artist Rob Jelinski did when he created a font in his mom’s handwriting, to honor her after she passed away.  

As an artist and graphic designer, Rob wanted to share the Beth Ellen font with the world and bring it to life in the Over app, so that his mom's memory would live on forever.

My single request is that you help the legacy of Beth Ellen live on by sending a short note to someone you love each time the font is used.

So send a little love to someone today! 💕

And if you need some help getting started, here are our some of our fave heartfelt quotes expressing love and gratitude – all featuring the Beth Ellen font.  

Tip: For a realistic handwritten note effect, try using the Beth Ellen font on textured paper as a background.

Try the Beth Ellen font in the Over app.