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We asked artists from around the globe to share what the holiday season means to them. Explore them all, and find your festive style.

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December 16, 2020

Who's up for a festive tour? From biscuit baking to sunburnt pool parties and cheese fondues, the holiday season is celebrated in diverse and wonderful ways around the world.

Whether you’re wanting to create digital festive cards or design a ‘thank you’ post for your loyal customers, we hope this mix up of fantastical festive content gets your creative juices flowing.  

From Brazil, com amor

For Brazilian artist, Gleydson De Lima, Christmas is a great excuse to come together, exchange gifts, and eat lots and lots of food.

'Boas Festas' by Gleydson de Lima

When creating this bright and beachy graphic pack, “I was thinking specifically about my family. Here in Brazil, it’s very hard to portray one unique identity because we are a continental culture,” says Gleydson.

“I paid a lot of attention to representing different kinds of bodies and colors. I hope that everybody can recognize themselves in this pack.”

Gleydson’s colourful and cheery graphics are perfect for:

  • Summer festive invites
  • Bright and bold cards
  • Tropical recipes
  • Food or beachwear brands

Spread the joy with Anna

Anna Kosorukova, a Russian artist, is known for her warm and enchanting artwork. Her festive graphic pack will carry you away to a magical white Christmas with champagne and caviar.

“All my graphic goods are made with the utmost care and pride to help you design great work,” says Anna.

'Russia' by Anna Korosukova

Her delightful graphics are great for:

  • Gift tags
  • Elegant and charming cards
  • Good girl/boy certificates (from Santa)
  • Kids brands Voucher

Seasons Greetings, from the UK

Mat Voyce is non-award-winning Graphic & Motion Designer based in the UK. He is known for his character filled typography, animated stickers and bold illustration style.

'Merry Christmas from England' by Mat Voyce

“I always try and give a bit more character to my graphics, especially to things like typography. If it’s an image of a turkey, then chuck a face on it. Or make it look like it’s dancin,” says Mat.

“It’s well and easy being able to draw a candle or a Christmas pudding, but giving it a bit more character and fun always helps.”

Mat’s fun graphic pack is great for:

  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Bold and quirky cards
  • Instagram Story stickers
  • Streetwear Brands

Happy holidays, from Germany.

Alana Keenan is half Irish and half German. We asked Alana to share one of her favorite German festive traditions:

'A German Christmas' by Alana Keenan

“On the 6th of December, we leave a shoe at the door and St Nikolaus comes and puts presents in it,” says Alana. “So, you always make sure that you leave a BIG shoe!”

Alana’s festive style is vibrant, playful and whimsical. “I’d love to see people use these graphics in a way that helps them feel the Christmas spirit.”

These cheery graphics are great for:

  • Digital vouchers
  • Cute and joyful cards
  • Customer ‘Thank You’ cards
  • Jewelry and accessory brands
  • Family Holiday Card

Feliz Navidad, from Mexico

Luis Pintos is a Mexican graphic designer and illustrator. His vibrant and expressive work is influenced by folk stories, graphic novels, art history and pop culture.

'Muy Felices Fiestas' by Luis Pintos

“‘Carpe Diem’ is a phrase that is present in everything I do, and it always makes me put effort and passion on my work,” says Luis.

His New-folk, expressive and colorful style is perfect for:  

  • Event content
  • Bright and colorful cards
  • Playlist and single cover images
  • Food and beverage brands

Deck the halls with Aurelia

French artist Aurélia Durand celebrates diversity in her work, representing Afro-descendants as joyful, proud and empowered.

'Mon Noël' by Aurélia Durand

“These colorful personalities present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, dreams, and desires envision an inclusive future for all,” says Aurélia.

Get inspired by Aurélia’s joyful and vivid graphics. They’re great for:

  • Digital vouchers
  • Friendsmas invitations
  • Bright and colorful cards
  • Women’s fashion, jewelry, and makeup brands

Whatever the festive season means to you, you can celebrate it your way with Over by GoDaddy.

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