Brand Building
June 18, 2019

The secret behind your brand colors

Grab your note pad and pen because it's time for a little 101 in color psychology!

Grab your note pad; it's time for a little 101 in color psychology!  

Color plays a crucial role in how customers feel about your brand, but did you know that you can appeal to specific customers and influence their buying decisions with your color palette?  

Fun fact: 90% of product judgments are based on color alone. Whether you want your customers to feel excited, calm or even wise, there's a color for that! And choosing the right colors could mean the difference between sluggish sales and products that sell like hotcakes.

Remember: define your brand's personality traits and decide who your target customers are before you pick your brand colors. 👌

Take a peek at our breakdown of popular colors and the feelings they can evoke.

Want a little help picking color combos? We’ve got you covered.

Serene color palettes

Great for wellness brands or baby brands.

Joyful color palettes

Perfect for travel brands, clothing, and make-up brands.

Trustworthy color palettes

Ideal for dentists, realtors and medical professionals.

Luxurious color palettes

Excellent for high-end brands.

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