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Turn heads with textures

Without texture, life would seem pretty flat. And the same goes for your designs.

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June 27, 2019

Texturing. It’s one of the best ways to bring creations to life, and boost brand personality. We’re going to show you why.

Nice! Gotta love texture. Wait… what is texture?

Simply, it’s the look and feel of surfaces and substances – rustic wood, wet paint, champagne bubbles, you name it!

Textures are great because they can add:

  • depth to your backgrounds
  • contrast, to highlight other parts of a design
  • visual intrigue – eg. for posters or sale posts

As examples, if your brand is:

  • luxurious and feminine, think silk, and smooth metallics
  • inviting and earthy, think rugged, organic materials
  • edgy and cool, think raw metal, and rough concrete

Search ‘textures’ in Images and Graphics, and check out our templates below for inspo!

Brush strokes



White walls



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