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Rebecca Scher, founder of Best jewelry, brings her brand's ethos of self-love to life with beautiful design – made with Over.

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April 29, 2020

Rebecca wants her customers to feel like their best selves. Her jewelry business, Best, is more than about looking good though, it’s about celebrating realistic standards of beauty, and encouraging a spirit of solidarity amongst women. 

“There is a need for brands to change their underlying narrative of ‘you’re not enough, but if you buy our product you will be’”, says Rebecca. “This just exasperates a feeling of inadequacy. The more we can work together to change this, the better it will be for everyone. It needs to change for all the brands we follow to really make a lasting contribution.”

Still in its infancy, Best has been running for almost a year now. The business has a flourishing following and an ever-increasing daily demand. You might just say that Best is sitting on a gold mine. 

But the message of self-love is a popular one, so much so, that nowadays it’s almost losing its effect. “When Best began, the topic wasn’t so on trend,” says Rebecca. “Now the world is preaching self-love like it’s as easy as 1,2,3.” 

However, when perusing Best’s Instagram profile, the colors, words and faces all seem to come together to really and truly evoke positive feels! While some brands might be trivializing the message of self-love, how is Rebecca still managing to make her online branding so impactful?

“I am learning (through my own journey) that it takes a lot to practice self-love and instead of promoting it, I rather want to acknowledge how hard it is to do, and be there as support.” 

By channeling more of her own story, Rebecca makes sure that her message stays real and authentic. “I used to look at my brand story and my personal story as separate, almost like the brand story was something I was aspiring to achieve. But we all wake up sometimes struggling to practice the self love we preach. And with that comes the need for my personal story, and the feelings I feel daily, to become part of the brand story.”

When it comes to designing her eye-catching content, Rebecca uses online branding tool Over. Brand designer, Daniel Ting Chong, created her brand bible with a color palette, typography, model and product shooting guide, and other style guides for Best.  Rebecca then uploaded her logo, color palette, and customized fonts into the Over app.

With all of her brand assets in the app, Rebecca is able to create beautiful posts easily, and most importantly, they all look like they belong to the same brand, making Best unique and memorable.

Social media posts designed with Over

When it comes to directing her model shoots, it’s no surprise that Best’s model pics evoke a feeling of genuine fun and realness. Rebecca purposefully celebrates diverse and natural beauty in her choice of models, and encourages playful and idiosyncratic poses in front of the camera.

‘’I’ve actually found that real life shots resonate more with my audience than curated studio shots, “ says Rebecca. “So I’ve started reaching out to influencers who resonate with the brand message, and gifting them Best jewelry in exchange for featured posts. It’s all about celebrating different kinds of beauty and not subscribing to one kind of supposably ’perfect’ look. This makes my content feel more authentic and welcoming.”

Best’s product shots are also lots of fun. Zany pics with sponges, dice, and ping pong balls create an unexpectedly pleasing mix with her classical jewelry. The accompanying caption on Instagram sums the visual direction up perfectly:

"We put out earrings on these ping pong balls, then balanced them on a dish sponge. Not for the sake of being random, but because we want you to see our pieces as part of your everyday life. Let’s be really honest with each other - as much as life would be great if we could play ping pong every day, often we have to spend more time with dish sponges! …(did we just get philosophical talking about dish sponges?)"

Elegant jewelry, made for everyday wear, together with a simple message that ‘You deserve to feel your best”. This is packaged and showcased through visual storytelling which looks so good, that Rebecca makes it look easy!

Follow @ourbestregards or visit their website to get a taste of Best’s beautifully curated feel-good content, and to browse through some of the classiest jewelry we’ve ever seen (and an example of online branding that really packs a punch).

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