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Want video views? Work your thumbnails.

So you’ve put a lotta love into a video. Bring on the Youtube views, right? Not yet. How’s your thumbnail looking?

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May 31, 2019

Thumbnails are so important to get right. Think of them as little billboards that need to practically scream, ‘Watch me! WATCH ME NOW!’

But, how do you make an attention-grabbing thumbnail? We’ve got this, and so do you. Here’s a quick guide:

• Use strong visuals. Our brains are hardwired to respond to striking imagery.

• Include a short title. Viewers need a quick burst of context.

• Make it pop. Contrast is key. It’s gotta be readable.

• Be consistent. Use the same style of fonts, bold colors, and strong designs.

• Personalise. Where possible, put yourself in frame to connect with your audience.

Tip: Use our handy Thumbnail preset for correct dimensions.

We’ve made a handful of templates for inspo, which are available in the app, to help you reel in those eyeballs. See the examples below.

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