We stand with the Black community

We stand with Black entrepreneurs, our Black employees and the entire Black community.

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June 4, 2020

We stand with Black entrepreneurs, our Black employees and the entire Black community. We stand together against inequality, injustice and systemic racism.

We need to do more than simply state our support. This past week has been a time of deep introspection for the entire Over Team. We need to acknowledge our own past inactions. We need to listen. We need to learn from others who have first hand experience where we do not. We want to do better.

As a company we are committed to helping to make meaningful change, and these are the commitments we are making.

We will ensure our product and team is diverse and inclusive, enabling everyone to be heard.

Our product helps people create content that forms a representation of their identities. Their own and their businesses. We have a role to play in representing everyone fully and truthfully and more importantly enabling everyone to represent themselves fully and truthfully. As a company we  are committed to continue working to ensure our content is diverse and inclusive. We will actively work with more Black creatives and expand our content libraries to ensure Black Voices are both heard and accurately represented. This is the what we can, and will do. Starting today.

We will continue to actively work to ensure we grow into a more diverse and representative team. As the existing team we’ll continue to protect the open and welcoming culture we’ve built by reducing any unconscious bias, and ensuring we create equal opportunity across Over for everyone as we uphold two of our key values:

Good Hearts do Great work.

Good work comes from all types. But great work? That happens when we leave our egos at the door. When we speak the truth, listen hard, and take accountability for our actions. This is how we ensure that we make each other better. And better us = better outcomes.

It takes a village.

What we do here? It takes all of us. It takes diverse thinking and fresh ideas. It takes trust in each other to do what we say we will. And it takes freedom to do our best work, whenever and wherever that is.

The Over Team

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