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A Brand New Brand Toolkit

Turn a business idea into a reality or give an existing business a striking revamp with step-by-step instructions and loads of inspiration. Get all you need to make it happen with Over PRO free for 30 days*
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Your Story

Start here. Find what gives your brand meaning and what makes it different. This is the foundation of your design toolkit; a map for speedy content creation into the future and beyond!

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Your Logo

It’s time we talk about logos. Learn how to create a logo that is unique to your brand. This is a big step. You’ll be able to brand your content easily, and one step closer to building your empire.

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Your Graphics

Hold your nose. We’re going to take a deep dive into an ocean of graphics. Picking a graphic style for your brand is key for standing out and being consistent… And it’s fun. Here’s how to get it right.

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Your Images

Let’s explore photographic imagery that is best suited to your brand and how to make it yours with Over’s easy editing tools. You’ll come away from this module with a recipe for consistent content.

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Your Fonts

Friendly? Posh? Or sassy? What does your brand sound like when it speaks? Your typeface is the key ingredient to shaping your brand’s voice in the world. We’ll help you choose the right one.

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Your Colors

It can’t be said enough: Consistency works wonders for your brand. But with all the colors on the rainbow, how does one narrow down a winning set of colors? Here’s how…

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Your Templates

Now your brand has a solid identity and a design toolkit to bring this to life. Time is money! Let’s create a selection of templates for fast and impactful content creation across multiple social platforms. Whoosh!

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